Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Report

October 7, 2010:  Cooler temps feel like trout weather!  The morning and evening bite on the Guadalupe remains good for trout, with some nice evenings with caddis dries.  Most of the rainbows in the river are nice and healthy but are very smart at this point.  Keeping lighter on the tippet and approaching the clear water carefully from a downstream position are both necessary for successful fishing.  When fishing from a boat at this time of year it is often better to use the raft for transportation to a spot that you can get out and wade fish.  Flows are very good right now for both floating and wading.  It is still a little early in the trout season, but there are very few people out right now and it is a perfect opportunity to get into most, if not every, good fishing spot on the river.

There are some stripers in the trout zone and it is worth it to bring out your seven or eight weight rod with a big streamers.  Stripers are veracious eaters, and can do a lot of damage to trout populations.  The better practice on the Guadalupe is to return the trout but keep the stripers.  When going for the stripers, get on strong tippet 0X or heavier, and even consider bringing a sinking line.  We have even seen some nice trout making hard takes on striper flies as well as nice smallies, too.

Suggested flies: include various standard patterns like pheasant tail nymphs and hares ear nymphs in the mornings and midge patterns throughout the day.  We are continuing to see nice caddis hatches in the evenings, with most of the caddis in a light tan, size 18.  For the stripers, get on big streamers that mimic smaller trout or bass.

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Warm Water Report

October 7, 2010:  We have gone from summer fishing conditions to fall fishing conditions in a matter of weeks.  Cooler mornings mean that it is not imperative to be out on the water first thing in the morning, but the bite can stay good throughout the midday and into the evenings on most rivers.

The San Marcos River has very good flows at this time and is fishing well.  The water has a little limestone tint to it, but still has visibility to about 2 feet.  Poppers are producing some nice smallmouth and streamers have been good as well.  The recent front slowed fishing for a few days but as conditions warm, the fall bass fishing on the San Marcos tends to be very good.

The Llano River has benefitted from above average summer flows.  There hasn’t been a big rise on the river, just steady flows that have enabled the river to stay healthy through the hot months.  Fall is my favorite time on the Llano.  I’m biased, but I have always enjoyed the fall colors and fishing on my home waters.  Crickets, hoppers and small streamers are all in my Llano boxes right now.  Click here for Llano River Access, Accommodations and Shuttle Services.

The Colorado River has produced some of the best river bass fishing in the Country this year and continues to fish very well.  The flows have moderated substantially from the rains from this summer and are in the “just right” zone that makes for easy floating and clear water conditions on the river below Austin.  Poppers are still producing good blow-ups from largemouth in the 3-5 pound range and there are quite a few tailing carp as well.  If you want big bass on the fly, the Colorado below Austin is where you want to go.

Fly Patterns that continue to be working well throughout the Hill Country include poppers, various hoppers, small buggers in olive and black and various crawfish patterns.  As we get into fall, I will also be adding in more cricket patterns as well as larger, nastier streamers.

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