Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Historical Report, October 21, 2010

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

October 21, 2010The Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam is fishing well for the early season.  Water flow below the dam is about 115 cfs, which is a little low for floating, but very good for wading.  Water temperatures in the trophy trout zone are in the upper 60s in the mornings and lower 70s in the mid-afternoons.  This means that the better times to fish for trout are in the mornings and evenings, though we are catching some nice smallmouth bass throughout the day.  The water is gin clear at this time and the fish can be very spooky, especially on sunny days.  We are seeing nice trico hatches in the mornings and good caddis in the evenings.  We are still a little early in the season, but there are a number of holdover trout in the river that are fat and healthy.  Mix that in with some smallmouth and some BIG stripers, and there are numerous fishing opportunities on the river right now. 

Suggested flies: for trout include small RS2s in black & gray, various caddis nymphs and emergers as well as some standards, such as pheasant tail nymphs and hares ear nymphs.  For bass, white streamers have been very good & so have various crawfish patterns fished deep.

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Warm Water Report

October 21, 2010:  Fall bass fishing is in full swing!  Late October & early November is one of the peek times for bass fishing in the Texas Hill Country.  The Colorado River has been the most consistent river to fish in the Hill Country this fall and has produced a number of bass-to-hand in the 2-4 pound range, with hookups on fish in the 5+ range as well.

The San Marcos River continues to benefit from good flows at is still fishing well.  Out better fishing has been in the mornings, with more activity on streamers than on the surface.  Getting deep with lighter colored patterns has been a good bet most days, with most fish found in the softer pockets of water adjacent to the current and along the banks.  Most of the nice fish have eaten as soon as the fly hits the water, with a few following flies of the edges.

The Llano River remains good for fishing.  Much like the San Marcos, the bite on the Llano has been best with streamers in the mornings and evenings, but on overcast days has fished well throughout the day.  Sink-tips and sinking lines with crawfish patterns are top producers, and various lighter colored streamers are working as well.  I have had some work on surface flies, but mostly with sunfish and smaller bass. 

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The Colorado River below Austin is fishing GREAT!  Lots of big bass and good top water action have produced some very nice days this fall.  Flows have been good on this stretch throughout the fall, and the water is clear.  Some of the better fishing has been in the afternoons and evenings on top but we have also seen very good fishing with streamers in the mornings as well.

Suggested Flies for bass in the Hill Country include most any streamer that is white in color as well as crawfish patterns that get deep.  Poppers on the Colorado have been well, with red, with and green all working.  On the San Marcos we have seen good work with olive buggers but with the clear water conditions and sunny days, lighter colored streamers are the ticket right now.

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