Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Warm Water Report

May 29, 2012:  The warm water fishing throughout the Hill Country is good right now.   We have had some good rains since the last report that muddied both the Llano and Colorado Rivers for a period of time, but both rivers are clearing and the fishing is picking back up.

The Llano River at Llano is flowing at 74 cfs and the water is clear to slightly stained.  At the Highway 87 bridge, the flows are at 89 cfs and there is a bit more tint to the water.  We had strong rains on the middle and lower portions of the Llano River watershed in the past couple of weeks, which brought a lot of silt into the river.  The fish (and fishing) has been a little slow to recover from the muddied waters, but conditions are improving daily and the hoppers are starting to show up in force.  The better fishing continues to be early in the morning and late in the evenings.  Try hoppers in the evenings and crawfish colors in either morning or evening.

The Colorado River downstream of Austin has experienced a large increase in flows in the past couple of weeks but the flows have moderated nicely and the water color has returned to conditions similar to what we had prior to the last rain event. The water color in the first 6-10 miles from Longhorn Dam is very good and the stain on the water below that point is at a fishable color at this time.  Fishing with poppers is producing some good fish in the mid to late mornings and again in the evenings and streamers are working well throughout the day.  On the sunny days, look for the shade banks and work off the dead fall.

The San Marcos River is picking up and looking very good.  The San Marcos has the best flows and color of any river in the area right now and is fishing well.  Like our other rivers, getting on the water early and fishing into the early afternoon is your better option for finding active fish or fishing late in the evenings.  The San Marcos typically fishes the best in the hottest times of the year, and those 90 degree days are starting to show and so, too are the fish.

Suggested Flies will vary with the river but more in size than in color.  For the Colorado, fish larger patterns in the #4-3/0 range and for the San Marcos and Llano fish patterns in the #4-8 range.  Streamers include various clouser minnows, most any wooley bugger or crawfish pattern.  On clear water/sunny days, go lighter in your colors such as white or chartreuse and on Overcast/stained water, go with darker colors such as black or purple.  You can fish rust and olive patterns most any day.  Poppers are more by the color, with yellow, green and red working well most days.

Historical Warm Water Fishing Reports for 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009


Guadalupe River Fishing Report

May 29, 2012The flows on the Guadalupe River downstream of Canyon Dam are holding steady at 100cfs and water temperatures in the first 7.5 miles downstream of the dam are cool and clear for trout fishing.  The fishing in recent weeks has been best in the early (very early) mornings and done by about 11 am each day.  This makes for nice half day floats in the mornings before any of the recreational traffic hits the river.  Fishing has been fair, with better days being when we target a mixture of trout and bass.  Once the sun comes out the trout sulk and the bugs disappear.  If you are getting out, make sure to fish closer to the dam and keep your trout in the water when landing them.

The inflow to Canyon Lake exceeds the inflow at this time and the lake is at 904.54 msl, or about 4.5 feet low.  This is an improvement of almost 8 feet from the lows of last summer/fall and one good rain event away from having the minimum flow agreement go into effect.

Bugs include tricos, caddis and damsel nymphs.  I have not changed anything from my suggested flies for trout but would suggest adding in some streamers and poppers/hoppers for the bass and sunfish.

Suggested flies: Tricos:  #22 trico spinners.  Midges:  #20-22 Rainbow Warriors, .  Caddis:  #14-18 soft hackle hares ear or similar.  Damsel: #16 olive hares ear.  Attractors:  #14 San Juan worms in brighter colors, #12 girdle bugs

Historical Guadalupe River Fishing Report for 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009

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