Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Fishing Report

March 8, 2012Springtime fishing on the Guadalupe!  The suckers are spawning and the tricos & caddis are out.  Fishing has been good to very good on the Guadalupe in recent weeks.  Flows are better than we were seeing earlier in the season, with releases from Canyon Dam currently at 75cfs, with the springs and creeks downstream of the dam putting additional water into the river.  Water temps are in the low to mid 60s throughout the river and I have been wet wading most days. 

The water has a slight tint, which has helped us on sunny days, as the fish are less spooky.  Most days start out with a mixture of midges and tricos and progress to PMD and caddis patterns in the afternoons.  We are seeing good to very good work with sucker spawn patterns in areas of the river that are immediately downstream of shallow, gravely sections that the suckers prefer for their spawning beds.  Most days I am working an attractor (sucker spawn, SJ worm or bigger nymph) as a top fly with a midge or trico trailer in the mornings and in the afternoons am simply changing the trailing fly to a PMD or caddis pattern.  There have been a number of days when the midge works throughout the day.

It has been the case all season, and certainly continues to be so, that when you find bugs you find fish and you are better to move around until you find the hatches & therefor find the active fish.  Sunny mornings seem to fish better that overcast mornings, as we have more midges, but we have seen tricos on most days. 

Suggested flies: For midges:  #20-22 rainbow warrior, pearl, #22 fly currents midge in black, #20 WD50 in Grey.  For Caddis:  #18 caddis emerger, green, #18 soft hackle hares ear.  For tricos:  #20 black RS2, #20 black pheasant tail nymph.  Standards/attractors:  #18 orange or pink sucker spawn, #16 San Juan Worms in red or pink, #12 hares ear natural, #16 olive hares ear, sparse, #12-14 buggers with some flash on days when there isn’t much of a hatch and in deep water. 

Historical Guadalupe River Fishing Report for 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009


Warm Water Report

March 8, 2012:  Bring on the Bass! We are seeing nice pre-spawn fishing throughout the area.

The Colorado River below Austin has been fishing well throughout the winter and the fishing is good to very good most days.  You still need to pick & choose your days, with warmer days and days just before a late season front being better choices.  We have had some warmer days in February and early March and have already had some nice days with poppers on the Colorado.  Streamers in chartreuse and crawfish colors are working well an the bass are fat, as they are in a hungry, pre-spawn feeding pattern.  Flows are moderate, and a recent report from the LCRA indicates that we will not be having the wild fluctuations to the flows on the Colorado this spring.

The San Marcos River has benefitted the most from the winter rains and is flowing as well or better than any river in the area.  We have had a couple of nice early season days on the San Marcos, but it will not start to really pick up for a few more weeks.

The Llano River is flowing better than it has in over a year.  Water temps are still a little on the cool side, but some of the big bass are moving around for streamers as they prepare for the spring spawn.  Much like the San Marcos, the Llano will have some nice days in early March, but the better fishing will pick up in 2-3 weeks.

Suggested Flies for warm water in the winter months is mostly streamers.  On sunny days with clear water you will do better work with white or chartreuse patterns and on overcast days switch to black & purple.  I will fish olive patterns and crawfish patterns in most any condition.  Keep to heavier flies (3/4 to 1 foot per second sink rates) and longer leaders in the winter months to effectively get your flies to depth.  It is also possible to switch to a short sinking tip line to get your fly down and keep it down.

Historical Warm Water Fishing Reports for 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009

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