Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Report

July 1, 2010:  Fishing for trout on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam in the summer months is best done in the early morning and late evenings. The section of the river that supports year-round trout populations is also one of the most popular sections for toobing in Central Texas and in the summer the toobers are out in force most days from late morning through early evening.  If you go, get on the water at or about sun up and fish until late morning.  Once the toobers take over, you are better to get off the river.  In the evenings you have a nice window for fishing from about 6pm until dark.

Suggested flies: include various trico patterns in the mornings and midge patterns throughout the day.  We do also see nice caddis hatches as well as hexagenia and slate drakes in the summer months as well.  Nymphing is typically the most effective method for fishing the Guadalupe but there are a number of mornings when you will have nice goes with trico dry patterns.

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Warmwater Report

July 1, 2010: Summer Bass fishing in the Texas Hill Country has been good throughout June.  With the warm days we have been getting out on the water in the early morning or late evening and avoiding the hottest parts of the afternoon.  The San Marcos has been producing some very nice bass and the Llano has had steady fishing on the lower stretches.

The San Marcos River has had very good fishing with poppers fished very close to the bank and with crawfish patterns fished deep near the banks as well.  Early fishing (getting on a little after sun up and fishing into the late morning) has been very nice, with the toobers being minimal until the early afternoon.  We have also had nice fishing in the evenings as well.

The Llano River in Mason and Llano Counties has been fishing well early and late in the day, with hoppers and poppers fishing well fished closed to the bank.  We have also seen nice fish on small olive buggers and clousers as well.

The Colorado River below Austin has had quite a bit of flow changes in recent weeks but appears to be more moderated.  This reach of river can fish very nicely on the falling water with heavy flies such as dumbbell eyed clousers and crawfish patterns.

Fly Patterns that have been producing well throughout the Hill Country include poppers, various hoppers, small buggers in olive and black and various crawfish patterns.

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