Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

January 15, 2010

Guadalupe River Report

Rain! For the first time in about a month we are experiencing steady, widespread rains throughout the Texas Hill Country.  The level of Canyon Lake is up this morning and both the inflow and outflow of the reservoir are on the plus side in quite a while.  We have seen better flows on the Guadalupe below Canyon this season when compared to this time last year but with Canyon still about 9 feet below the conservation pool level, we need every drop so that the threshold for the minimum flow agreement will be met and the trout zone will be guaranteed good flows throughout the coming summer months.

Fishing on the Guadalupe River has continued to be good to very good over the past two weeks; and has included a mixture of a few cold days, some wet days and a number of blue bird days.  The fish haven’t seemed to mind the cold or wet days and some of my best fishing has been a day or two after a weather change.  With the changes in weather patterns we have seen a variety of bugs out.  The overcast and wet days the blue winged olives have been nice, overcast and warm has brought us caddis and hexagenia, sunny days have been good days for midges, and some days we have seen a mixture.  There have been a few tricos, slate drakes and other mayflies about, but they have been somewhat sporadic, but mostly on the sunny days.

Our average fish size still holds in the 16-17” class, with a number of +20” fish being hooked and a few landed.  The fishing has been nice enough that, on the days I am off the water working on emails, site updates and phone calls, I will sneak away for a couple of hours in the afternoon for a little fishing for myself.

Fly Patterns that I have been favoring include (in the mornings) smaller black pheasant tails, natural hares ears, black RS2 or beadless Zebra midge fished below either a red worm, tan egg or prince nymph and (in the afternoons) green caddis emergers, hares ear nymphs, black midge emergers or BWO emergers fished below a prince nymph, hexagenia nymph or San Juan Worm.

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