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One of the most asked questions about fishing the Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam is: Where can I access the river?  Texas laws provide that once an angler is in the riverbed of a navigable stream they are on public lands and free to go upstream and downstream, so long as they stay in the river bed.  The uplands on the Guadalupe (the land located above the river bed) is virtually all private land and most landowners take a dim view of trespassers.

Those wanting to access the Guadalupe River below Canyon to fish for trout must take into account their ingress and egress when planning their outing.  Numerous campgrounds and businesses along the river do provide fee access to the river along their property and those who are camping at any of the number of campgrounds do receive access to the river with their camping fees.  Typically day fees range from $5 to $8 per person per day to access the river.

Below is a map to provide general information about accessing the Guadalupe River below Canyon and is intended to be a reference for those purposes.  Whenever you access the river you must contact the landowner (typically by stopping in at the office place of business) to pay any access fees and obtain parking permits.

This map shows the more common access points used by anglers along the river.  Fees can change in the summer months as that is the peek season for toobing and floating the river.

For those who are planning of fishing the Guadalupe numerous times throughout the season, becoming a member of the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited Fee Access Program will provide you with more access points along the Guadalupe for a set fee.  In 2010, the Lease Access program provided 17 access points along the river for an annual fee of $145, which also includes your annual membership to Trout Unlimited.

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Another factor to consider when wading the Guadalupe River is the river flows.  Anglers should take flows into consideration when planning their outing.

    • 100 cfs, easy wading
    • 100-250 cfs, easy to moderate conditions. 
    • 250-400 cfs, inexperienced waders and those with balance problems need a wading staff.
    • 400-550 cfs, most anglers will need a wading staff, treacherous for inexperienced waders
    • Over 550 cfs, not recommended  for wade fishing

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