Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Report

February 9, 2010:  Rains continue to fall in the Texas Hill Country and Canyon Lake has benefited from another boost in flow from the Upper Guadalupe.  This has brought Canyon Lake as close to full as we have seen in over two years.  Flows below Canyon have also improved, though until the lake is completely filled the flows through the trout zone will stay below their historic norms for this time of year.  The rains have put a little color into the river below Canyon but the trout zone remains very fishable.

We have seen a number of very good hatches in recent weeks, with cross hatches on the sunny days that include midges, caddis, hexagenia and slate drakes.  The tricos continue to show on the warmer days but we are still early in the season to see the thickest of the trico hatches.  In typical winter fashion, the days when a front first comes through tend to produce few bugs but days just before and a day or two after have been nice fishing days.  Cooler mornings continue to be slower for fishing but most afternoons have been good to very good.  Days when we start warmer tend to produce bugs earlier and fishing soft hackles and emergers on a swing have been very effective in recent days.

I have also started to go lighter on my tippet sizes over the past few days.  I am still using 4x tippet on my attractor flies and 5x to my trailer but have had a number of occasions where I will use 5x to my top fly and 6x to my midge trailer.  While this might not seem like a big change, at this time in the season any advantage helps when fishing to trout that have seen many flies and many drifts.

I am still not seeing much in the way of a sucker spawn but more of the trout are starting to key on the sucker spawn patterns.  If conditions hold, I would think that we will start to see the spawn in the next two or three weeks.

All-in-all the trout fishing on the Guadalupe River continues to be good and the fish are fighting very well.

Fly Patterns that I have been favoring are not much different than the last report and include (in the mornings) black RS2s or a black zebra midge fished below either a hexagenia nymph, red worm or pink sucker spawn and (in the afternoons) caddis emergers, hares ear nymphs, black midge emergers or BWO emergers fished below a prince nymph, hexagenia nymph or San Juan Worm.  I have had some nice goes with WD40’s and rainbow warriors in recent weeks as well.

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