Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Report

February 28, 2010:  Flows have increased dramatically on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam, with current flows at 800 cfs. Canyon Lake is full for the first time in almost two years and the fish have taken advantage by moving into areas of the river that were previously too shallow for the trout to hold.  The fishing has continued to stay good but we have changed our tactics somewhat and are now using longer leaders, more weight and larger nymphs to help get the flies down.  It has taken the fish a few days to get readjusted to the new flows but they are still feeding and taking similar patterns as before.  On February 27 I saw the best trico hatch of the season, with fish taking black RS2s.  I have seen only a handful of anglers on the water in the past few days who were wading, this will also help the fishing, as the trout are no longer being continually fished to on a daily basis.

Fly Patterns that are working include larger sucker spawn patterns in pink and orange, RS2s, black midge emergers and PMD nymphs and emergers.  I am using BB or AB shot on 10-12 foot leaders to get the flies down to the fish.

At this flow the Guadalupe River is unsafe for wading trips.  Anglers are strongly encouraged to float or wait for flows to improve and I am currently not offering wade trips until the flows moderate.  However, if the current trend holds, the lake level should be down by early March and we will see a return of safe flows for wade fishing.


    Warm Water Report

February 28, 2010:  We are starting to see some early season bass fishing throughout the Hill Country.  We continue to have warmer days in between fronts and the bass and sunfish have responded nicely on those days.  I am also starting to hear nice reports of white bass being caught on the Pedernales River and Upper Guadalupe River.

It is still early for going all in on bass, but if you keep an eye on the weather and pick one of the warmer days (in the upper 60s or low 70s) after a succession of warmer day/night temperature cycles the bass fishing can be very good right now.

Fly Patterns for this time of year are almost all streamer patterns fished deep and slow.  Crawfish patterns, wooly buggers and big nymphs that are heavy and can be fished on the bottom are your best bet until the spring.  For white bass, chartreuse and white or gray and white Clouser Minnows are always a good bet.

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