Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

December 10, 2009


Guadalupe River Report

The trout fishing on the Guadalupe was good this past week and the weather was fair.  We have been subject to varied weather and varied hatches due to the weather.  Afternoon highs have been as high as the mid 70s and as low as the upper 30s, with lows at night in the low 20s to mid 40s.  This change in weather has made a difference in the bugs on the water and, on the colder mornings, has meant that the bugs don’t get active until late morning.  On the colder mornings the hatch tends to start about 10 am and goes on throughout the day, with nice midges throughout the day.  Yesterday (Dec 9th) I saw my first solid blue winged olive hatch that started about noon and lasted well into the afternoon.  On the mornings with warmer temperatures early we have seen good trico hatches early, with nice cross hatches of midges, beatis and caddis in the afternoons.  Even with the cooler temperatures, once the bugs get going the fish have been very aggressive in their feeding.

As the winter weather pattern settles in the bug hatches will become a little more stable and the fishing will continue to be good on the Guadalupe River.  Just remember to bring a couple extra layers and maybe a second pair of socks and you will be set for winter fishing in Texas.

Last Saturday I helped Chris Jackson of Action Angler with his annual Action Angler Fly Fishing Event, which helps raise money for the TWPD trout program on the Guadalupe.  We had about 50 people come out in two sessions to learn about fly fishing on the Guadalupe River.  The attendance was up two fold from last seasons event and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as they learned about fishing on the Guadalupe River.  The only downside to the day for me was that my boots were frozen solid in the morning (it was about 23 degrees when I attempted to put them on) and, after a few minutes I had to admit defeat and ask Chris for a little assistance.  Fortunately, Action Angler is well stocked fly fishing shop and Chris had a pair of size 13 boots on the shelf and I was spared the discomfort of fishing in frozen boots.  I was also able to refill my boxes with a few trico emerger patterns that have been working well for me in recent days. 

You can see photos from the event in the December 2009 slideshow on the Photos & Video page.  The next time you find yourself on the Guadalupe in need of gear or flies, please keep Chris and Action Angler in mind.

Fly Patterns that have been working well include various small midge patterns in the 20-24 size range in both black and gray, including WD40s, black beauties and juju midges.  Baetis emergers in the 18-20 range including RS2s (gray and black have been best this week), Roy Palm Special Emergers and Bubble Back Baetis are also working.  For caddis, patterns such as graphic caddis and olive soft hackles in the 16-18 range are working, especially when fished as a trailer fly.  I have seen a few hexagenia out but the trout are tending to prefer the smaller bugs at this time.  We are still seeing many fish taking standard nymphs such as hares ear nymphs, pheasant tail nymphs and prince nymphs. 

With the cooler weather we are seeing a number of smaller bugs on the water.  Instead of starting out the day with a larger attractor like a #14 prince nymph, my attractor has now become a #16 prince nymph or a #18 hares ear nymph or pheasant tail nymph, with a #18 to #22 natural below.  For this rigging I am going 5x to my lead fly and 5x to my trailer.  We are still seeing fish hit smaller eggs in light tan or yellow.  With the size of the flies being smaller and the strength of the larger fish, playing a nice fish on the Guadalupe is one of the more challenging aspects of our days on the river.

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