Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

December 1, 2009

Guadalupe River Report

As the trout season on the Guadalupe River goes into full swing, we continue to see numerous large fish that are strong fighters.  Twice this past week we had fish over 19 inches that ran into the backing, even through we were chasing them down in the raft.  Various other times we have had good, healthy fish make 40 to 60 foot first runs before they could be turned and have even had a couple of fish break 4X fluorocarbon tippet on the take.

Flows are nice, allowing us to float through longer sections of the river or easily float a shorter section with time to get out and walk-wade the more productive areas of the river.

Hatches over the past couple of weeks have included good tricos in the mornings, baetis on the cool, overcast days and a light tan caddis on most afternoons.  The midges are still on the water in the afternoons and we have seen some hexagenia and ginger quills on the warmer afternoons as well.

Fly Patterns that have been working well include various small midge patterns in the 20-24 size range in both black and gray, including WD40s, black beauties and juju midges.  Baetis emergers in the 18-20 range including RS2s, Roy Palm Special Emergers and Bubble Back Baetis are also working.  For caddis, patterns such as graphic caddis and olive soft hackles in the 16-18 range are working, especially when fished as a trailer fly.  We are still seeing many fish taking standard nymphs such as hares ear nymphs, pheasant tail nymphs and prince nymphs.  Tippet sizes have gone down in recent days, with 4x to our lead fly and 5x to our trailer.  With the size of the flies being smaller and the strength of the larger fish, playing a nice fish on the Guadalupe is one of the more challenging aspects of our days on the river.

Warm Water Report

With the cooler temperatures and influx of cold rains, the warm water fishing on the rivers of the Texas Hill Country is off at this time.  If we see a warming trend the smallmouth fishing should give us a few late season goes when fished deep and slow with streamers and big nymphs.

Fly Patterns for this time of year are almost all streamer patterns fished deep and slow.  Crawfish patterns, wooly buggers and big nymphs that are heavy and can be fished on the bottom are your best bet until the spring

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