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Colorado River Below Austin

Colorado River Bass FishingThe Colorado River in Texas is the 18th longest river in the United States, starting south of Lubbock and flowing generally south and east to Matagorda Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  The Texas Colorado, as it is sometimes called, has a variety of fishing opportunities throughout the watershed for fly anglers and some of the best fishing for bass in all of the Texas Hill Country can be found on the section of the river just downstream of Austin.  This section of the river is fished exclusively by small water craft, which makes it ideal for both raft and drift boats.  There are various access points along this section of the river, and when fishing the river you can expect to cover between 5 and 15 miles of water in a day.

Preferred gear for the Colorado below Austin includes a 9 foot 6 weight rod with a floating line and in the spring and late fall 6-12 foot sink tip lines are helpful in getting flies down to fish that are holding in deeper water.  Crawfish and shad patterns are typical streamers for this area but there are a number of days in the warmer months when it is possible to fish topwater patterns throughout the day.  The river is fishable year-round but the better fishing on the Colorado begins in early March an continues through early December.

In addition to targeting various species of bass on this waterway, anglers can also target other species with a fly rod including Rio Grande Cichlids, Common Carp, Buffalo Carp and more.


Access & Places to Stay

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Flow Information

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Flows on the Colorado downstream of Austin are affected daily by water releases from Longhorn Dam.  In the spring, flows can vary from less than 200 cfs to more than 5000 cfs in a single day.  When fishing for yourself, it is very important to take flows in consideration when planning your trip on the Colorado.


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