Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Report

April 15, 2010:  Spring fishing on the Guadalupe River for rainbow trout continues to be good.  We have seen another decrease in flows and the current release from Canyon Dam is 300cfs.  The redhorse sucker spawn has come to an end but the tricos, midges and caddis are hatching in abundance.  Water clarity is very good on the river and it is possible to see fish in 6 feet of water.

In recent days, we have seen a number of good hatches of tricos in the mornings with trout rising steadily in the mornings.  This is the best time of year for dry fly fishing on the Guadalupe, as the hatches are very good and most of the osprey have left the river.  If you do find rising fish, work with light tippet (5x or 6x) and be careful to make delicate casts as the fish do spook easily.

In the afternoons, midge and caddis emergers are doing very well and a number of fish are taking the patterns on the swing.  I have also had nice goes with soft hackles on days where the fish are chasing the caddis emergers.

The toobers are starting to arrive on the river but are still keeping most of their activity to the weekends.  This has not affected the fishing, as we are able to get out and ahead of most of the recreational river users.  

Fly Patterns that are working include trico emergers and dry flies in the mornings, black midges throughout the day, PMD emergers continue to produce in the afternoons and various caddis emergers, with a sparkle caddis being my preferred fly.

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Warm Water Report

April 15, 2010:  The warmer days of spring have gotten the bass and sunfish up on a number of our Hill Country Rivers.  I have had good days on both the Llano and San Marcos, fishing close to structure and on the drop offs.  I am starting to see some spawning activity but suspect that the better spawn will begin in the next week or two.  Top water activity is still mostly limited to sunfish but on the warmer days we have seen bass coming out to the topwater patterns as well.

Fly Patterns that I am preferring right now include heavily weighted streamers or lighter streamers fished with sink tip lines.  Buggers in olive, black and crawfish patterns have been very good, with a crawfish pattern being my favorite for fishing the San Marcos.  Topwater flies include frog poppers.

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