Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Trout Fishing

Fishing Report (October 10, 2019)


Since 2002, the Castell Guide Service has been offering fly fishing trips for trout and bass in the Texas Hill Country.  With numerous rivers, small lakes and ponds throughout the area, the Texas Hill Country offers year-round fly fishing opportunities. Some of our best fly fishing in Texas is on the Guadalupe River for trout in the winter months and in the spring and fall on the Llano River for bass, sunfish and Rio Grande Cichlids.


Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River Trout Fishing

The Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam is the southern most trout fishery in the United States.  Guadalupe River trout fishing benefits from the cool waters released from Canyon Dam that sustains a year-round trout population.  In addition to the hold over trout, Guadalupe River also benefits from annual stockings of rainbow trout by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  Fly fishing the Guadalupe River is most successful with nymphs but we do have success with soft hackles, streamers and selected dry fly fishing, especially during our trico hatches in February and March.  Learn More about the Guadalupe.

Guadalupe Fishing Report

Guadalupe River Fly Fishing Access

Guadalupe River Hatch Chart and Suggested Flies

Guadalupe River Nymph Fishing.


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Colorado River Fly Fishing

Colorado River Fly Fishing

The Colorado River below the City of Austin is the best fishery for big largemouth bass in all of the Texas Hill Country.  It is not uncommon to have opportunities at largemouth in the 3-7 pound range, as well as numerous bass in the 1-3 pound range.  The Colorado is also a tremendous carp fishery and it is not uncommon to see carp in the 15-25 pound range.  Learn More.

Colorado River Fishing Access, Flows & More

Colorado River Fishing Report

Llano River Fly Fishing

Llano River Fly Fishing

The Llano River is one of the true fishing destinations of the Texas Hill Country.  In addition to our primary focus on bass (Guadalupe, Largemouth and Spotted), we also target other warm water species such as sunfish, catfish, carp and rio grande cichlids.  There are numerous wade access points on the Llano, but some of the better fishing is accessed by kayak, canoe, or raft.  We also offer mixed trips, where we spend half of the day fishing the Llano and the other half on private ponds. Learn more about the Llano River.

Llano River Fishing Report

Llano River Fishing Access, Places to Stay & Eat

San Marcos River Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing the San Marcos River provides another great opportunity at warm water fishing in the Texas Hill Country.  The San Marcos River is a spring fed river that starts in the City of San Marcos, about half-way between Austin and San Antonio, eventually joining the Guadalupe River near the town of Gonzales.  Being a spring fed river, the San Marcos has almost constant water temperatures near the headwaters, and is one of the best rivers to find big rio grand cichlids as well as strong smallmouth and largemouth bass.  Learn More.

San Marcos River Fishing Report


The fly fishing opportunities in the Texas Hill Country are numerous.  Fly fishing the Guadalupe River is quite often what most people think of when planning their trip but with numerous other rivers in the area, it is possibly to fly fish the Guadalupe for trout in the morning, and then make a short drive above Canyon Lake and target bass in the afternoon.  With numerous other river in the Texas Hill Country, the listing above are just a sample of our most common requests and fishing locations in the Texas Hill Country.